Switching from console gaming to PC gaming can feel weird but something like this Single-Handed Gaming Keyboard can make things feel more comfortable. I currently use a Logitech G710+ has my main keyboard but sometimes its too big for my tastes. My mouse would end up hitting the side of the keyboard during gameplay and it becomes distracting. Getting a keyboard without the number pad is one solution or you can get a Single-Handed Gaming Keyboard like this one from 1byone.

The Setup

In the box you'll find a cd with the driver and software for this keyboard, I had a small laugh at this cause none of my computers has a DVD drive. I knew the driver could be found online easily and it can be found on  the 1byone offical site. They keyboard is plug and play but if you wanna control the LED lights and set macros you'll need the software. It only takes a few seconds to install and lunch. The application is clear and straight to the point. Other gaming software is normally loaded with ads running in the background, thankfully 1byone did not go that way.

As I said before, PC gamers love their flashing LED lights for some reason. You'll have the option to pick between a handful of impressive lighting effects but personally, I ended up going with a basic color setup. The flashing lights are a bit distracting to me. You can import and export your settings which will come in handy if you plan on using this keyboard with multiple computers.

The Keycaps and Clicky-ness

This keyboard features Kailh Blue mechanical switches with key travel of 4.0 mm, plus full anti-ghosting. They feel great and are very responsive. You can hear the clicky-ness in my unboxing video.

1byone Single-Handed Gaming Keyboard - Lights

Lighting Effects

Love flashing RGB lights on your gaming gear? Then this keyboard wont disappoint. As you saw with the gaming software, There are a handful of modes to fit your mood. It looks pretty damn cool if you ask me. You can change the color of every single key but not the bottom lights, That stays red which might better some people but not me.

Is it right for you?

Compared to other Single-handed gaming keyboards, This one is slightly cheaper but is lacking in some features. $60 is a pretty good price but for a few dollars more you can get something slightly better. Logitech has the G13 GameBoard for $80, It has a LED screen and a mini joy stick. The Razer Tartarus is $70, It also features a mini joy stick and Adjustable wrist-rest module. You can't go wrong with any of those but if you're on a budget then this gaming keyboard is worth looking into. I will have more coverage on this keyboard in the near future.