Last week Playcrafting NYC hosted the 2017 Bit Awards. Unlike other video game awards, This one focused on the game makers of NYC and the impact it has made. It was hosted by Ruffin Prentis who made a name for himself as the voice of Marcus Holloway from Watch Dogs 2. Below is a recap of all the winners and you can re-watch the Bit Awards anytime on Twitch.

The Bit Awards Winners

YI And The Thousand Moons (BEST STYLE)
Panoptic (BEST XR GAME)
The Ultimate Clap Back (PLAYER’S CHOICE AWARD)

Warren Spector gave an inspiring speech to all the game creators in attendance. He challenged everyone in the room to make video games that will make people forget about his generation. overall, The Bit Awards was an excellent demotion of how creative NYC can be. The future of indie games is in good hands! It was also announced that Play NYC will make its return in 2018. Stay tuned for more details.