Here are a few gadget suggestions for Valentine’s day that will make a better impression than flowers and candy.

Google Pixel 2

Our smartphones are a part of our daily life so it makes sense to give one as a gift. Verizon sent the Google Pixel 2 XL to me to check out for a few weeks. I love how snappy all the apps run and the display is beautiful. The camera on the Pixel 2 is considered to be the best compared to other smartphones. Especially with the new portrait mode and 4K video with stabilization. Pixel 2 is Augmented Reality ready out of the box thanks to AR Core. For a true tech geek, This is going to be a big deal in 2018. Only a handful of phones have support for AR Core. I spent way too much time playing around with the AR stickers.

Bonus: Get a Google Daydream View with the Pixel 2. It’s easy to setup and giving someone the gift of VR is something they won’t forget. Visit new worlds in 360 views or binge watch your favourite show with no distractions.

Kodak Portable Printer

Having a physical photo of your loved one will never go out of style. This portable printer from Kodak connects to your smartphone and can print wirelessly while charging your phone. Best of all, This printer is small enough to take with you on vacation. Keep your memories close to you, Not just on your phone.

Tech Jacket

I recently posted my review of a heated jacket from Kelvin TechStyles. I forgot to mention that there are styles for women as well. The cold weather is not going away anytime soon so this makes a great gift. These jackets can warm up for hours with the push of a button. The jacket is powered by an external battery that can be removed and it can even charge your phone. Use promo code: TECHGEEKKELVIN for 15% off your purchase.

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