3 Things I learned about recording 360 video

360 videos are not new but the technology that allows almost anyone to create videos in 360 is new. I got to try out recording 360 videos for the first time at the NYC Youtube Space and instantly learned a few do’s and don’ts. They had a bunch of cameras for me to try out and play with but the Samsung Gear 360 was the easiest one to connect with my phone so I stuck with that. On your PC the 360 video might seem low quality but it looks better inside of Gear VR.

Don’t move the camera

One of the main complaints about Virtual Reality is motion sickness. The easiest way to deal with this problem is to limit moving the camera. Most people will view VR while siting down on a chair so its a good idea to keep the 360 camera mounted in the center with moving it. For example, Watch a 360 sky diving video on youtube. You’ll notice that its not that exciting. 360 videos work best when you can look around and process everything that is going on. This is why Google Street View is so popular in VR. Our brains need a few seconds to process everything going around us so that we can feel the immersion.

Keep your distance

I was told to treat the camera like a person. If you end up too close, The video will feel awkward when someone is too close. Take 2 steps away from the camera and let the viewer enjoy the location view rather than getting a up close look of your face.


Using a tripod is a MUST

The first 360 video I recorded ended up with my hand blocking the bottom part of the video. This could have been easily avoided with a tripod or mono-pod, Least I know not to make that mistake again.

BONUS TIP: Less is more

360 videos are large in file size and they can be tricky to edit so its a good idea to keep your short. Most VR apps feature videos that are 3 minutes long which is what you should aim for. VR headsets are not the most comfortable for long period of use.

I also got to try out the RICOH  Theta but it would connect. Maybe it will work with me next time. When I got home from the VR Workshop at the Youtube Space I bought a Insta 360 Air camera on Amazon which I plan to use in my Youtube and Facebook page.