Mini Arcade made with a 3D Printer

In the past few years I have seen many youtube videos about people who made their own arcades using a Raspberry Pi. During CE Week 2016 I finally got to see and play with one in person!

Robo 3D has a new entry level 3D printer that starts at $599 and allows you to print directly from your smart phone. No computer required. Even more exciting than that is the 3D Print kits, These allow you to create your own gadgets. Things like drones, headphones, or even a mini arcade. Pricing for these kits range from $99-$200. This arcade setup will cost $200 and it is something that every gamer (like me) would love to have on their desk.

If you wanna make things more interesting, Robo 3D announced “Scented printing filaments”. The scent is activated while 3D printing. I don’t have a 3D printer so I don’t know how a normal 3D printer smells but this sounds like a great idea. Scents include apple, blueberry, grape and strawberry.