What is PlayCrafting?

Playcrafting NYC's Spring Expo is happening on May 4th at the Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square. This event will feature over 70 games to 700. I will be there and I encourage all of my New York readers to join in and get your tickets now. I went to a couple of PlayCrafting events last year and it still feels like something new to me. Here are  5 reasons you should go too.

1. The Games

Each Playcrafting event has about a bunch games that are playable. All of them are special in their own way so there is something for every type of gamer out there. From first person shooters to board games.

Assault Breaker by Indiepaproos. Playcrafting NYC Winter Expo.

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2. Chat with game developers

Getting to talk with game developers over the past few years has changed the way I look at the video game industry. These guys are hard workers and have a ton of passion for what they do. Many of these guys are super friendly and easy to talk to. At Playcrafting you don't just play these cool indie games, You chat with the developer while you play. Give them honest feedback directly, Don't worry, They can take the criticism.  The developers who attend Playcrafting could be involved with the next big game on PlayStation or Nintendo, You never know.

Justice Royale by zaplingstudios. From PlaycraftingNYC Fall Expo.

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3. Meet other gamers

Some of the games that are playable at Playcrafting requires 2-4 players. Sometimes you'll get paired up with someone random and it sparks a random conversation. Everyone that comes to this event is a passionate gamer so don't be shy in it comes to making new friends.

4. Virtual Reality

The Oculus Rift and HTV Vive are hitting stores very soon but most of us can't afford it or don't have a PC that is good enough to run those games. Playcrafting events normally has a handful of Virtual Reality games for everyone to try.

5. Microsoft Technology Center

Most Playcrafting NYC events take place inside of the Microsoft Technology Center in Times Square. Many people have passed by this building but few have been inside of it. It has an amazing view of 8 avenue.


It's been a fun night. #nyc #timessquare

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Bonus reason...PIZZA!

Early bird tickets for a Playcrafting NYC event is are under $10. The price of admission includes pizza and soda. Video games and Pizza? Sounds like a win to me, I hope to see you guys soon.


Im just glad im not the one who has to clean this up.

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