Last week I was at the new Google Pop-Up shop! It’s located at 110 5th Avenue in New York and will be open until the end of December. The place doesn’t look like a store and no one is trying to sell you anything as soon as you walk in. It felt like a place where you could walk in, warm up for a bit and play with the latest hardware from Google. Here are 5 things you should do at the Google Pop-up that won’t cost you anything.

Listen to the Google Home Max in a disco booth

The obvious question with Google Home Max is how loud can it go? There is a sound booth located towards the back of the store and you’re free to play whatever you want, as loud as you want. There is also a disco ball that you can turn on just by asking Google.

Try out the Pixelbook

The Pixel Book is a gadget that is hard to explain to someone who is not into tech. Seeing the laptop in person and feeling what it is like to use Chrome OS with the Pixelbook Pen is more fun than listening to me explain it.

Take a selfie in the Lightroom

Google has a giant LED backdrop for taking selfies. One of the Google employees will take a photo of you using the Google Pixel 2’s portrait mode and email it you on the spot. Do it for the gram!

Play with the interactive wall

Right next to the entrance is a bunch of arcade buttons that light up together. This interactive wall must have over 200 LEDs and I didn’t even get to see everything it could do. There was a couple playing PONG on it.

Experience Google Daydream

Don’t stress from the holiday, Relax with Google Daydream VR. Ok, I can’t promise that it will help with your stress but it is definitely something I recommend doing. Doesn’t matter if you felt motion sick in the past with other VR headsets. One of the Google employees will pick an experience that is most comfortable for you.