The Steam controller is finally here and gamers want to know if it was worth the wait. Here are 5 things you should know about the Steam Controller.

All steam games can be configured to use the Steam Controller.
The biggest reason to own a Steam controller is the customization. Re-mapping the controller is super easy and can be changed right in the middle of a game. Games that don’t have controller support can easily be configured with presents from the community. Valve wants to bring PC games to the living and this is the right step forward.

1 USB dongle can work with 4 controllers.
The Steam controller connects wireless via a small USB receiver and was surprised to learn you can connect up to 4 controllers with it. No need to manage bluetooth settings or deal with wires. Its anther smart move to make PC gaming more easy like consoles.

It feels weird.
The biggest question I got asked about this controller is “How does it feel?”. Honestly, its a VERY unique controller in both good and bad ways. I love that Valve is trying something different instead of just copying the Xbox controller. It does a great job at replacing the need for a mouse but for long term gameplay sessions this may not be your controller of choice. Playing FPS games is painful, My thumb got a crazy workout from playing Left 4 Dead 2. Only 5min of playing and it felt like my thumb was gonna fall off. Problem is using a trackpad to aim requires more movement than a second along stick. Is it more precise thena regular controller? I think it really depends on the game. You wont see pro players using Steam Controllers attournaments anytime soon but for causal games think it gets the job done.

It works nicely with Windows.
I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I can control Windows with my Steam controller, The righttrackpad allows me to move the mouse just like I would on a laptop. The bumper triggers act as right and left click. The lefttrackpad acts like a D-pad/arrow keys. This is prefect for those who use a PC in their living room. Browsing the web with this controller actually feels right.

Valve has long term plans for building up Steam.
I noticed Valve has been pushing out a couple of updates to the Steam controller which tells me they are on top offixing any problems the community finds. These updates have been around 30mb so they barely take up anytime. Point is that this is not a 1 time product from Valve, They are gonna work on it till they get it right. Expectfull support for this controller for 2016 and beyond. Its also worth noting that this controller has motion controls. Most hardcore gamers wont care but I am very curious to see what games will support this feature.

Overall final thoughts.
The Steam controller may not be my main controller any time soon but I am glad it exists. It opens up the door to how we enjoy PC games. If you play a bunch of your games on Steam than say this is worth it. Not for first person shooters or pro gaming but for those casual games that have no native controller support.