Thinking about becoming a youtuber? It’s easy but allow me to give you some advice first. When I first started, No one gave me any advice and the rules of Youtube wasn’t very clear. I hope this guide puts people in the right direction.

You won’t get a lot of views right away

I’ve met dozens of friends who told me their plans for a Youtube channel. Some of them even spent a lot of money on gear to get started but almost all of them quit within 6 months due to lack of views. My advice is to keep moving forward. Try to analyze why a video didn’t do well. It could be several things like the title, thumbnail, or the tags you used. Sometimes a video won’t get many views for the first few days and then within a month it could get thousands of views. I don’t know exactly why this happens but I’m just saying that it takes a while for your video to end up in front of the right people. Remember to promote your videos on social media. Ask family and friends to share it if you have to.

Finding your community

Many of my old friends who started Youtube channels didn’t get views cause they did not understand who was their target demographic. You need to have a clear vision of what kind videos are you doing and who will watch it. I’ve had people tell me “I wanna do a little bit of everything!”. In the back of my head, I wanted to tell them that it’s a stupid idea to try and do everything. Focus on something you love, something you can talk about for hours. Sticking to one category will let your subscribers know what type of content they can expect from you and will keep them coming back for more.

You won’t make money right away

Some people can get famous overnight on Youtube but getting paid doesn’t happen that quickly. Google recently updated the terms of the partnership program. In short, Youtubers will now need 4,000 hours monthly and 1,000 subscribers to qualify for monetization. It will take a few months before your videos will start making money. This is done to prevent people from making misleading videos to get clicks quickly. Getting people to watch your video is more important than how many people clicked on your video (Remember that!). Hopefully, These new changes will combat those clickbait videos. Quality videos that provide meaning information and entertainment will get the best results in the long run.

Being a public figure is not for everyone

Most people dream of making a viral video or getting thousands of subscribers but they don’t think about what it means to be a public figure. Many people forget that everything they post is being viewed by thousands of people. One joke can turn a messy situation and the public is not quick to forget.

It takes money to make money

One of the biggest advantages youtuber have today is that the latest smartphones are good enough to produce a high-quality video with one button. However, better equipment will be expected of you as your channel grows. For me, I have been doing a lot of event coverage and this is an extra cost that people don’t factor in. For example, An unlimited Metro card can cost $121 monthly ($1,452 yearly). This is what I need to travel around the city for events to network and do interviews. Then there is equipment like computers, tripods, lighting, and microphones. It’s pricey but I don’t mind. It beats sitting behind a desk looking doing paperwork all day.

Understand Copyright

I knew nothing about copyright rules when I first started and I paid for it. All of my old channels get banned for things like copyrighted music or uploading clips from a TV show. I even had a lawyer contact me directly cause I used someone’s photos from a red carpet movie premiere. It was a scary situation and sometimes it takes a moment like that for you to realize how careful I should be.

I could go on with more advice but I will stop here for now. The point is, Youtube is an amazing platform to make a living from creating videos online but it’s not easy. Many people took shortcuts and now they are at a dead end.

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