7 tech things to be excited for in 2017

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017! Lets look forward to new what new tech we will be geeking out over this year.

I think Flexible displays could be the next big must have feature in smart phones. I instantly fell in love the Galaxy S7 Edge and the way content just rolled off the screen. That is just the beginning. LG, Samsung, and even Apple is expected to announce new phones with this tech in it. Earlier this year we already saw a company called Royole saw off a VR headset using a flexible display to give the users a iMax movie experience on the go.

Now is the time to jump on the 4K TV band wagon, The quality is getting better each year without breaking the bank. Expect to see more 4K/UHD content announcements from services like Netflix and cable companies.

New iPads! Apple’s vison for the iPad lineup is to replace the laptop and it sounds crazy at first but they made a believer out of me. Carrying around a laptop and a charger is not fun and with the iPad I never had that problem. It takes up almost no space in my bag but has the power to get work done on the go. I been a long time user of the iPad 2 and it has aged terribly but the new iPad Pro is expected to have major improvements in both specs and design. I completely understand people’s frustration that Apple chargers the stylus and keyboard case separately but there is no denying how this lineup of tablets has changed the way we get work done.

Robots! You can’t talk about the future without robots! Within the last few months I have seen a couple of cool robots that I would love to have in my house. Most of them are used for home security and they will keep getting batter. Most of these robots can move around the house and provide more views than a standard camera. It’s only a matter of time before we get a robot that can make breakfast for me in the morning. Is that too much to ask for?

Better PC gaming thanks to AMD. Ryzen is a new CPU from AMD that is set to be a real game charger. It is said to be as powerful as Intel’s $1,000 but at a lesser price. Early benchmarks from backup these results so I am pretty excited to build a new gaming PC powered by AMD. We are expected to learn more details at CES 2017 but including the final price and release date.

Better Virtual Reality

2017 will be all about what people do with all these different types of VR headsets. More 360 cameras coming out which means more content will be available on youtube. Better games will be announced and lets not forget that Microsoft has Halo Lens and other VR headsets coming soon for Windows 10. Google DayDream made its d├ębut today which is the first headset to come with its own touch controller.

Console gaming is NOT dead! PS4 is the fastest selling console, Xbox 4K is coming soon, and the Nintendo Switch will launch in March. Its safe to say that console gaming has plenty of life in it and each company is doing something different. PlayStation had a bunch of big game announcements at PSX so PS4 owners have plenty to look forward to. Xbox is getting better with Windows 10 and Virtual Reality. Who knows what surprises Nintendo has in store.

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