8 reasons why Samsung 837 is amazing

I recently visited Smasung's new venue called 837 NYC. It is packed with so much tech and has a lot of potential to make a big impact in the big apple. Here are 8 reasons why this place is amazing and why you should visit it as soon as possible.

1. Its not a store

Samsung is thinking different on a big scale with this new space. Its a place to really get to know Samsung's products in a way no other store offers. You wont feel pressured to buy anything cause there is nothing to buy...besides the cafe but I'll get to that later.

2. Events for everyone

837 NYC is HUGE! It has 3 floors and even a roof top area for VIP parties (Wheres my invite?). Almost everyday there is some type of event being hosted. Movie screenings, Concerts, Talk shows, and even cooking events. Another impressive fact is that they have a live DJ every weekday.

3. Three-Story Tall Screen

All of these events that are hosted at 837 NYC are special cause they take advantage of the three-story tall screen! Its something you need to see in person. I can't wait to watch a movie on that thing.

4. Instagram Tunnel

Hightlight of yesterday's adventure. #samsung837 #GalaxyS7 #tech A video posted by Nelson (@techgeeknelson) on

This is a bit hard to explain but its a hallway, Filled with mirrors and small screens that display your Instagram photos. For a few seconds I felt like I was in a weird Sci-Fi movie. I actually walked right into the wall cause I could not tell which way to go. Its a fun gimmick attraction for everyone.

5. Virtual Reality demos with Gear VR

I only got to try Oculus Rift at special events but 837 allows the public to try out Virtual Reality on the Gear VR without any lines. This is kind of a big deal considering that no other place allows the public to walk in and try out VR at their own speed.

6. Expert Advice

Whenever I have a problem with my phone or tablet I normally just look it up online. Not everyone likes to do that, Some people want to speak to a expert face to face.

7. The perfect hangout spot?

With plenty of space to sit and chill, This is a great place to hang out for a bit. The tables have wireless charging and there is free wifi. Need I say more?


I mentioned before that 837 NYC does not sell anything but there is a cafe for you to buy Coffee, Cookies and some very doughnuts that will ruin your summer body goals. So there you have it, 8 reasons why this place is amazing and you should go check it out. Play around with VR, take some selfies and then grab yourself a snack.