About Nelson

Hi! My name is Nelson. I have been blogging for 5 years on a bunch of different projects but tech has always been the most interesting to me. Tech Geek Nelson was my way of getting back to basics. Blogging about tech news that mattered most to me. Most of my few time is spent in front of the camera or behind a computer screen working on Youtube videos. I love being able to create content that others enjoy and learn from. Below is a playlist of some of my personal favorite videos that I done.

Smart phone and tablets are always going to be at the top of the conversation but at the moment I am really into PC gaming. Especially with all of the Virtual Reality stuff being creating. It is a good time to be a tech geek.

My ultimate goal for this blog is to help kids get involved with computer programs. In high school I had photography class but I never took it seriously so I would love to see kids and teens get more involved in technology to better prepare themselves for the future.

Got questions? Email me contact@techgeeknelson.com