Afterglow AG 9 Headset for PlayStation 4 [REVIEW]

Afterglow headsets have always been popular in the gaming community for their style and sound quality. Lets take a in depth look at the new Afterglow AG 9 Wireless headset from PDP.

Sound quality
This headset has 2 different audio modes that can be switched by pushing the “mode” button on the left side. The first one is “Bass Boost” which adds a powerful amount of bass. Sometimes the bass can be a bit too overwhelming and when that happens you can switch to the second mode that is called “Pure Audio”.

If there is 1 big con in this headset it would be the ear piece. After about 1 hour of using them it started to get uncomfortable and I would have to take a break from having it on. I wont say its a deal breaker cause taking breaks between video game or work sessions is recommended anyway. I believe you can change the ear cups to something that better fits you. At least the headband is very soft and comfy as advertised.


What I love most about this headset is the flexibility to use it how I want. I can hook it up to my PS4, PC, or take it on the go with the 3.5 mm Line In/audio cable. The battery life on the AG 9 is great! The description says you’ll get 16 hours of usage with a full charge and I found that to be pretty sure. I was able to use the headset for 3 days of mix use without having to charge it. Compare that to my old PS3 wireless headset which only last about 4 hours before I need to charge it again. Another awesome feature is the ability to detach the mic. If you decide to take this headset on the go you don’t have to worry about a weird mic sticking out.

Final thoughts
Other than the ear cups being a bit uncomfortable for long sessions but I can’t think of any other reason why this is not one of the best gaming headset out right now. It costs about $99 in most stores and will be sure to make for a awesome holiday gift. Gamers demand high quality products that look good, sound good, and is not limited to how they is it. Be sure to visit the official product page from PDP for more details.

Unboxing video!

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