Alienware 13′ OLED Gaming laptop [REVIEW]

This laptop was made for getting word done and playing the latest PC games. Alienware R2 13 gaming laptop has a OLED touch screen that is super clear and bright, Making great for gaming and blogging on the go. The first thing you’ll notice is the backlight keyboard. I did a video talking about how to change the LED lights. The command center app can change colors to alert you of certain notifications like new emails or low battery.

What are the specs?
Alienware has different pricing depending on what configcation you want. The new R3 laptops have a slimer design with a Nvidia GTX 1060 inside of it. The laptop I been reviewing has a 960M grphics card with 2gb of VRam. Its enough to power for casual PC gaming which is great for me. If I need extra performance I can always get the graphics amplifier which allows me to use a desktop graphics card on my laptop. I have not tried it yet but I can’t wait to try it out for myself.

How is the battery life?
I been able to get abour 2 hours of battery life when gaming which is great but I would keep the charger with me when I take it on the go. For productivity I been able to use it for about 6-8 hours. This includes web broswering and watching videos but I used some battery saving options like turning off Alien FX, Bluetooth, and turning down the brightness. I’m sure I could get more hours in if I used more settings but for now I am happy that I can use this laptop all morning for work on a single charge.

Is it right for you?
The 13 inch lineup of laptops start under $1,000 and they are perfect for the gamer on the go who mostly plays casual PC. For gamers that demand high frame rates I would recommend the 15 inch lineup. You will see me using this laptop in future gameplay videos and live streams so you know that this is hardware I trust. Personally, I love that Alienware is more than computers, They are heavily involved with the gaming community at a bunch of events like PAX and eSports tournaments. If you’re in NYC, You can test drive this laptop and more at the DELL experience center at the Microsoft Flagship store on 5 ave.