This Steam Machine from Alienware is about the size of a lunch box but has enough power to play thousands of PC games.

What is a Steam Machine?
Its a small form gaming PC that runs Steam OS. Powering the Alienware Steam Machine is a Intel 4th Generation Processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTXG PU (Different models have different specs). You can get hook up a keyboard and mouse if you want but it is designed with gaming in the living room in mind.

Whats in the box?
The Steam Machine, 1 Steam Controller +2AA batteries, Power Cord, 1 HDMI cable, and 1 Micro USB cable.
First impressions The Alienware Steam Machine is about half the size of a normal cable box which is impressive considering how much power it is packing. Steam OS is still in beta and new Steam games are being added every week so I will keep that in mind with my future reviews. This weekend played a bunch of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Left 4 Dead 2, and some indie games. Those games don’t require too much power but the Steam Machine handled it without breaking a sweat…and without being loud. I will be sure to test it out with more demanding games especially since we are in the busiest season for Video game releases. Overall, I am super excited to see PC gaming being able to fit inside of a small package.