This gaming mouse costs under $30 on Amazon but is it worth it? The most notable feature is the huge ‘ALLEASY’ logo on the top of the mouse. It lights up with 4 different colors. Pushing the shield button switchs the color and the DPI mode. The lights have a pretty cool breathing effect to it but there is no off button. While watching movies I ended up unpluging the mouse cause the flashing light was distracting. Maybe its just me. Its also worth nothing that there No extra software needed to use this mouse with your games. Just plug and play.

I been using this mouse for a few hours a day with no real discomfort. I don’t think it will replace my main mouse which is the Logitech G600MMO Mouse but it held up nicely in casual gaming. The top of the mouse has a smooth rubber feel to the top and on the scroll wheel which is a plus in my book. There are no real special features in this mouse like programmable buttons or bluetooth but it got the job done for a casual gaming mouse. This is certainly not a mouse for pro gamers but its a decent choice for a entry level mouse.

*Disclaimer* I received this product to review for free but everything I say in this post is my own words.