Azulle Lynk Multi-functional Remote Control [REVIEW]

TV remote controls suck. Its worth investing in a good controller if you watch a lot of TV or enjoy binge watching Netflix. This is my review of Lynk by Azulle.

The Lynk has a “A.I Learn” functionality which allows you to map any IR controller to the buttons on the controller. Its fairly simple to set and out of curiosity I wanted to see if I could program the remote to control my fan…it worked! With the USB dongle I was able to use it with multiple devices including my PS4. It worked just as I expected and I was watching Rouge One on Blu Ray with it. I was able to use the keyboard as well for messaging and searching on Youtube. Only issue I had was that there is no “Playstation Button” so you’ll still need the controller for certain things like logging in. Using Lynk on Windows 10 is where you can all the features and customization. The feature I enjoy using the most is “Air Mouse”. It allows you to control Windows like a tablet.

It looks and feels like a standard remote control but with less buttons on the front which is a good thing. I hate those standard cable box TV remote controls. They have so many buttons that you’ll never use and NO keyboard. Less buttons also makes things easier to see and use. On the side there is a back lit for using in the dark. The keyboard is descent for doing searches but it takes some getting used to. The keys are a bit small and need to be pushed down firmly in other to type. Its not a bit big flaw but something I wanted to mention. Its still better than bringing a full sized keyboard to the living room.

Easy of use

Everything is plug and play for the most part. It uses 2 AA batteries which are included in the box. Using the “A.I Learn” feature is simple as long as you read the instructions. All the buttons are straight forward but I know some people will get confused as to why there is no number pad. Most people will use this remote for apps like Netflix or Kodi rather than normal TV.

Final thoughts

Amazon has other universal controls but they look shady and poorly made. Just by looking at the photos you can tell that the Azulle Lynk is a solid build to it and has plenty of useful features that make it worth the $29.99 price tag. For Windows 10 and Mini PC users (like the Raspberry Pi), I would highly recommend looking into the Lynk.