Back Beat Pro 2 from Plantronics [REVIEW]

The Back Beat Pro 2 from Plantronics is different from all the other headphones I reviewed in the past. It caught my attention from the moment I first saw it. Here is a run down of all the reasons why these are my new favorite pair of headphones.

The Style
The design has a old school feel to with the black/brown color scheme. The side panels have a wood grain deign to it which reminds me of those huge old fashioned speakers my family had. Overal, It has a nice mature feel to it. Plantronics has other styles that are more colorful and with bold designs but prefer minimalistic.

24 hour battery
This is the first time I was legitimately impress with the battery of a Bluetooth device. Other Bluetooth headphones I reviewed in the past would last only 3 hours. I would charge have to charge it everyday to use it. Thankfully I haven’t had that problem with the Back Beat Pro 2. I haven’t charged it in a week and it still is on “Battery High”. The Plantronics Hub app allows you to see how many hours you have left before you’ll need to charge.

2 Devices at once
Being able to use 1 wireless headset with my laptop and my smart phone is something I always wanted. Back Beat Pro 2 has this feature and it works fairly well. There is some lag when it comes to music streaming but its hard to tell if the headphone is the problem. The lag would stop the music for about 1 second. It doesn’t happen often but it was worth mentioning as part of me putting out a honest review. I think it might be a problem with Windows 10 but who knows.

Auto Mute
Taking off the Back Beat Pro 2 will automacally pause the music you’re listening too. Its such a small feature that I love. Especially when I have my music blasting and it takes me a few seconds to pause the music.

Nose cancelling
On the left ear cup there is a “Active Noise Cancelling” switch which to minimizes ambient noise. Its not 100% but it makes difference. For example, While on the train I was still able to hear the train in motion but the sounds was softer and I was able to focus more on my music. There is also a open-listening mode to hear your surroundings with your headphones still on.

The Price
Back Beat Pro 2 is available now for $199. It may shame like a lot but other headphones can cost way more and they don’t have all the features this one has.