Batman v Superman mobile game is super lazy

Batman v Superman Who Will Win was released on Google Play and the Apple App Store recently and it sucks. To be fair, There have been hundreds of these types of games but why make another one for one the biggest movie of 2016? Temple Run came out 3 years ago and developers are still making endless running games like we are not smart enough to know it is a rip off. This app has over 5,000 five star ratings on google play…who would give this game such a high rating? The graphics are decent and it features a small amount of the official soundtrack but the fact is that this is a super repetitive type of game to play.

Was I expecting a bit too much? Maybe. When the Dark Knight Raises game out, It got a decent mobile game from GameLoft. It was a pretty forgettable experience but at least it was a nice try and it wasn’t that bad. At least it had a combat system and a open world for batman to explore. This is just batman and superman running on the streets to dodge obstacles. Comic book fans know that Superman has no reason to run on the street so this game was the result of Warner Bros pushing out a game in time for the movie. At least “Injustice: Gods Amoung Us” has costumes based off of Batman v Superman, Go check that out instead.

Game Description:
Mankind faces a new threat as darkness falls on Gotham and Metropolis. A personal vendetta has been made, side between Batman or Superman to set the record straight.
Race against time and go the distance. Dodge obstacles, collect power-ups and battle against your opponent.

Who Will Win is an endless runner and the Official Movie Game for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.