Winter is coming! BedJet is a one of a kind solution to staying cool or warm while you sleep. Here is my review.

What is the BedJet ?

It’s a device that goes under your bed to provide climate comfort while you’re in bed. It works by pulling the coolest air from the floor and circulates it through your bedding. The stream of air can be controlled with the included remote. I have never seen anything like this that can warm me up within in five minutes like the BedJet! Its worth noting that this is not an AC unit and it’s not a replacement for cooling or heating a room.

Using the app

Using the included remote is a basic experience but the Bedjet is where you’ll have the most control. Set timers to your personal preference from 20 minutes to 4 hours. Worried about overheating? You can change the air temperature, heat, and airflow within the app. Pairing via Bluetooth was simple and only took a few seconds. The app is available as a free download for iOS and Android. Below are some screenshots of the app.


Is it safe?

YES! I’ve been testing the Bedjet out for a few weeks and haven’t noticed anything unsafe about it. It may seem a bit intimidating to set up and to use but just be sure to read the safety guidelines and use common sense. I always use the timer feature so that the Bedjet automatically turns off after 5 minutes of use. That is plenty of time to warm up the bed for me to sleep comfortably. Using the app is highly recommended so that you can monitor the temperature.

Is it loud?

I was worried it would make a nose kind of like a vacuum pleasantly surprised to discover how quiet it was. After some research for my review, I found out that the air delivery system has built-in special acoustic damping technology. In short, The Bedjet is soothing and I use it without disturbing others in my apartment.

Is it worth it?

At my place, I don’t have control over the heating in my room so the Bedjetis an awesome solution that puts me back in control. You can also hook up 2 BedJet systems so you and your partner can have separate cooling and heating control without disturbing each other. I would say it certainly is worth it cause the Bedjet can be used all year around. When it comes to getting a better night’s sleep I think it is worth looking into. It would make a meaning gift for someone having trouble sleeping at night.