This new 27 inch monitor from BenQ is packed goes above and behind what to expect from a standard monitor. Below is my first impressions video. and there is much to love about this huge display. My second part of the review will go over things like the Darkroom and Animation mode.

2k Display

Size matters when it comes to getting work done. This monitor has a 2560×1440 QHD resolution which provides 77% more working space than a Full HD display. For photo editing and content creation, That extra resolution makes a huge difference. Especially when multi tasking with using split screen mode.

The Docking Station

The connectivity options that this monitor has is impressive. With the USB-C you can connect your ultra book and get video output while charging your device. The dock also provides 4 extra USB 3 ports, Ethernet, and audio output.

Smart screen orientation detector

Switching the display vertical orientation can be done very easily.I didn’t even know that this monitor had that feature when I first tried it. With other monitors I would have to go into the settings and do it manually.

Eye-Care Technology

Most of us work in front of a computer monitor all day long and it’s obviously not good for our eyes in the long run. Thankfully this monitor has low blue light tech that is designed to filter out harmful blue light, effectively diminishing eye fatigue and irritation.

The Design

I really like how the dock can be used to place your ultra book computer under the display. Things like that are one of the highlights of this monitor. If you’re using a desktop, Then you can use the dock to charge your phone while you work. Overall this monitor will look great in any set especially if you have a new Macbook.

PD2710QC 27 inch QHD Designer Monitor is on sale now for $599!