I figured it was about time to list off my favorite VR experiences that I know about in NYC. For this list, I am not including retail stores or movie theaters. These are places you can visit anytime during the week and experience VR in a safe environment. All of them are family friendly.

Jump into the Light

I had to mention Jump into the Light first because they were the first to open up a space in Manhattan dedicated to VR. They have almost every major VR game you can think of. From shooting zombies or painting in 3D, There is something for everyone. Even if you already have VR setup at home, Jump into the light offers ‘Premium Experiences’ like taking a 3D selfie, Mixed Reality, and a Sky Diving simulatior. Me and Gizelle visited this space during the summer while trying to live stream and we can’t wait to visit again. New events are being added often so be sure to check out the Eventbrite page to see the latest. Use promo code ‘gmoney’ to get 10% off.

VR World

This is the biggest Virtual Reality center in Manhattan with the most games to pick from. I’m not sure how many games they have exactly but I know they have dozens of VR situations and 2 floors to explore. VR World is designed in way that feels futureisitc and fun. Plenty of Instagram worthy moments to capture. There is also a cash bar so you and your friends (or date) can grab a drink. It’s on 4 East 34 Street, It is not hard to miss.


I discovered Hubneo on social media and there are 2 main things that I love about what they are doing. Firstly, They have high-end VR setups that let you feel like you’re in the game. I tried the racing simulation with project cars and it was so much fun. Secondly, Hubneo started doing monthly meetups to bring the VR¬†enthusiasts together. Tech meetups are nothing new in NYC but this is a great way to mix networking and play. VR can feel like a solo experience but there is a strong community behind it and Hubneo is proof of that. The next meetup is set to take place at the end of November so Will try to make it.

VR Bar

There is only one place in Brooklyn to experience VR and that is VR Bar. I went there earlier this year and had fun chat with the owner about what it was like running a pop-up location for VR. It’s a small place that has a handful of VR situations. It’s a great place to jump in and try something new. Pricing is $10 for 10 minutes which I think is the sweet spot for trying 2-3 arcade type VR games.

Samsung 837

837 NYC is the only FREE option to experience Virtual Reality that is not a retail store. The only thing they sell is donuts and coffee on the second floor. During the summer I tried out a 4D experience which involved being flipped upside down in a flight simulator. It should still be there but there is always something new. Its also a cool place to meeta friend, chill, and charge your phone. My advice is to get there in the early afternoon and check their twitter to see what is new The place is pretty empty unless there is an event going on.

I highly recommend checking out all of the places I mentioned above. Even if you’re not into gaming or Virtual Reality, Its a something different and it offers a look into the future of entertainment. Who knows how many more of these arcades will open up in the coming months.