BIG-i, The Smartest Family Robot by NXROBO

I got to see the NXROBO at a recent tech event called “Pepcom – Digital Focus”. This is the first time the NXROBO made a public appearance. Expect to see more of these cute robot later in 2016.

From looking after your kids to watching the house while you’re away, BIG-i is a trusted and reliable companion that syncs with your lifestyle. BIG-i’s creators, NXROBO, strive for the cohesion of robotics with our organic world, so every element of BIG-i’s rounded appearance and soft materials has been designed to be warm and familiar. BIG-i can help your kids with their homework or start up a dance party in the living room. It’s always learning and is the most lovable little droid you’ve ever met.

Created by the robotic experts at NXROBO, BIG-i is unlike any other artificial intelligence on the market. Designed to address consumers’ daily needs, BIG-i features Motion Tracking, Face and Voice Recognition, Local Mapping, Smart Home technology, and more to create a unique interaction between owner and robot.

“It has always been my dream to create a robot that could enrich a family’s life,” said Dr. Tin Lun Lam, CEO of NXROBO. “The needs of every household are diverse. In order to have a family robot become common in homes, it needs to be affordable with truly great design, technologies and personalization capabilities to fit everyone’s needs.”

BIG-i’s advanced tracking abilities combine with its voice recognition technology and self-learning programming language allow owners to program their own commands and set reminders for everyday routines. Over time, BIG-i will learn each family’s unique habits and help out with them.

With its Voice Programming + Face Recognition + Motion Tracking, BIG-i can act like another pair of eyes around the house. BIG-i can be programmed to spot a child picking up fruit and remind him to wash his hands first. When BIG-i sees a family member leaving the kitchen, it can remind you to turn off the oven. By learning a family’s habits, BIG-i establishes relationships with each individual while staying loyal to who’s in charge. It knows which people to listen to – and which people not to – and will prioritize your requests to keep the natural order of the household.