Are budget gaming keyboards and mice worth it?

First time PC gamers might be tempted to go for a cheaper keyboard and mouse to save money but I would strongly advice against it. It makes sense to make an invest with your keyboard sense it is something you’ll want to last for years. Lets take a closer look at the keyboard and mouse combo from Bluefinger.

Long story short, Its not a good idea to go for the cheaper keyboards. This gaming mouse from Manba has some of the same issues the Bluefinger keyboard & Mouse. I even plugged this mouse into my PC, I had low expectations because the manual was not in English. No big deal since everything is plug and play. Withing 5 minutes of using the mouse normally I noticed that the plastic was uncomfortable. The heat from my hands made the mouse feel sticky. Another downside is the lack of extra buttons. Not the ideal mouse for MMO or FPS games.

-Only $30
-Strong USB cable
-Has a thumb and pinky rest

-Instructions was not English
-Could not find the gaming software online
-Plastic gets sticky when your hands gets sweaty
-No programmable buttons

Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for my honest review.