If 2016 was the year for live streaming, 2017 might be the year for 360 live streaming. Camorama is a action camera that can shoot video in 360 at 4K (2880 x 2880 resolution) for under $400. On Amazon or BestBuy there are not many choices when in comes to buying a 360 camera. The Samsung Gear 360 is pretty most popular at the moment but it is limited to new Samsung devices which is a deal breaker for many. Camorama has its own smartphone app for iOS and Android for transferring videos to your phone and editing them. Using the app you’ll be able to switch between different modes like sphere mode and VR mode. Below is some raw footage that was uploaded to youtube and it looks amazing!

360 videos can be uploaded to Facebook and youtube but you can expect more sites to add 360 support in a matter time. Especially with the rise of virtual reality headsets. Camorama is currently on sell at Indiegogo, Amazon and is expected to hit major retail stores later this year.