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iHome Color Changing Speaker

This portable speaker from iHome can turn any room into a party with its color changing body and powerful sound.

Test driving the Google Pixel’s Camera

When the Google Pixel was announced I was immediately excited to try out the camera and it did not disappoint. The camera on this phone is even more impressive than the Galaxy S7 which...

Top 5 Gadgets from LOGiiX

This year I reviewed a bunch of gadgets from LOGiiX, I figured it would be a great time to pick 5 of my personal favorites.

RCA Galileo Pro Tablet [REVIEW]

Galileo Pro tablet from RCA packs a full Android experience for under $99! Is it right for you?

Alienware 13′ OLED Gaming laptop [REVIEW]

This laptop was made for getting word done and playing the latest PC games. Alienware R2 13 gaming laptop has a OLED touch screen that is super clear and bright, Making great for gaming...

5 Amazing Drones [2016 Gift Guide]

I seen many Drones over the last few months so I figured now would be a great time to list of five of them that would make a great gift idea.

Moto Z Force – Reviewed by Nelson

The Moto Z Force looks almost like any other smart phone but it packs some impressive technology but is it right for you?