DLODLO V1 is an advanced VR headset that aims to looks like a pair of sunglasses.

Here is what was announced during the press conference:

  • The headset is lighter than any the VR competition.
  • Final product will be able to fit in your pocket and will only need 1 cable to use.
  • Resolution of 2400 x 1200 and will have 90hz refresh rate.
  • There will be a kickstarter campaign next month.
  • Expected to cost around $500.
  • Dlodlo is in development of the platform and is planning a VR social network.
  • Developer’s edition will be on sale in October.
  • DLODLO V1 will work on muliple platforms.
  • DLODLO D1 hooks up to the V1 and provides access to DLODLO OS which is a custom version of Android.