1byone Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard [REVIEW]

I been using my iPad as a laptop replacement since 2012 and since then I have tried many keyboards but never as portable asĀ 1byone’s Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard.

As the title suggests, This keyboard can fold up into a size that not only fits in my bag but can fit inside of my pocket. The full size of the keyboard can be compared to the one on MacBooks and most laptops,. The keys are nicely spaced out so it does not feel too weird to type on. It has a built in battery which can be recharged with a Micro USB cable. Battery life can last up to 60 hours and if that is not enough you can always charge it with an external battery charger. I’ve used a bluetooth apple keyboard in the past and I always hated using those AAA batteries so this is nice improvement in my view. I’ve seen keyboards that fold before but they are made out of cheap plastic and they look like toys. This one has a Stainless steel back panel and it feels strong enough to handle my adventures on the go. You can pick between a white or black back panel.

Pricing for this keyboard is $36.99 on amazon and that seems like a fair price especially compared to a $99 foldable keyboard I saw at the Microsoft Store in New York recently. This keyboard is exactly what I need on the go and past my expectations and for that reason I will get it a 5 out of 5 stars. Its worth noting that people with big hands may not be happy with the slim design which is ok cause this keyboard was designed with portability in mind. Be sure to watch my video review and leave a comment.