Gadgets for Winter – Holiday Gift Guide

NYC got an early preview of Winter last weekend and it was brutal. Be prepared next time with these Winter gadgets.

Venture Heat

Almost everything from Venture Heat counts as a must-have gadget for winter. They make jackets, hats, gloves, and even pants that heats up with the push of a button. Heated pants? What a time to be alive?


I already posted my review on the Bedjet so in short ill just say that it streams warm air to help you sleep better in the winter. It comes with a remote to easily control the temperature with 1 click. Check out my full review to see why I called it the ultimate sleep gadget.

Zippo Rechargeable Hand Warmer

I tend to forget my gloves during Winter days but I never forget my external battery. Zippo has a few Hand Warmers can be charged via USB and they can charge your smartphone. I have yet to try one my self but they seem to be the top brand when it comes to hand warmers.

Smartphone-Friendly Mittens

Texting during the Winter can be annoying. I used gloves that had the rubber tips for smartphones but it just doesn’t feel the same. I would always end up taking off the gloves just to send a message or look up directions. It seems like Sprigs Multi-Mitts has the right solution for this problem. You can fold back the Sprig Multi-Mitt’s fingertip and thumb hood to text freely without taking off the gloves. There is also a pocket to hold your smartphone and the palms are textured for a better grip.

Sound Huggle

The World’s Coziest Headphones? I’m sure most of you seen hats with built-in Bluetooth, Those are ok but they don’t offer the best sound quality and they don’t feel comfortable. Sound Huggle may look like normal earmuffs but they double as wireless headphones. As a tech geek, I appreciate the minimalist design and how compact it is. It is embarrassing to struggle with wires while in public. Stay tuned for a full review of Sound Huggle.