Galaxy S8 Launch event at Samsung 837 NYC [Recap]

The Galaxy S8 is in stores now! Verizon and Samsung threw a launch party last night to celebrate and thank their customers. Since this was a party there was only about 5 minutes worth of talking about the actual phone and what sets it apart from the rest of the smart phone. Looks like security is one of the top feature they put lots of effort into improving. I didn’t get to play with the S8 much but the display is truly amazing. Its huge, bright, and overall a very attractive phone.

Drinks was being served all night, The DJ was live, and they even had some unique dance performances.

Gotta give a big thanks to Samsung, Verizon, and the team staff at 837 NYC for putting this event together. As I said before, Everyone in New York should stop by 837 NYC even if you don’t own a Samsung product.

Everyone went home with the Brand new Gear VR headset and controller. I will be reviewing very soon so stay tuned for that but for now I will say that I think its going to be interesting how this new controller can stack up against the Google Day Dream.