GoGo Tablet Pillow [UNBOXING + Review]

When the iPad was first announced, Many people laughed and called it a giant iPhone. Fast forward to 2016 and it seems like everyone has a tablet. Using your tablet on the bed or sofa may not be the most comfortable, This is where the GoGO pillow comes in handy. Its been around for a while but I recently bought it on amazon for about $10 so I figured it was worth trying out at that price. It can be used as a travel pillow, a neck pillow and of course, a tablet stand. The corners can fit a 7in or 9in tablet with little hassle. What about if you need to charge your tablet or if you want to use your headphones? No worries, There are slots for your wires but I would not recommded leaving your tablet charging over night (obvious reasons).

For people with multiple tablets in their house I would say it is something that comes in handy. You can put it on your sofa, bring it on long road trips or flights. Personaly, I have been using this in my living room and I control my TV with it. No more losing the remote control. That is just one of the many ways this pillow can be used. Check out my unboxing video below and be sure to subscribe!