After a week of testing, Here is my review of the Google Day Dream View VR Headset. First off, I gotta mention that it only works with the Google Pixel and Moto Z line up of phones. More Android phones will be compatible with this headset in the coming months. iPhone users will have to stick with Google cardboard a little bit longer. Secondly, The headset costs $79.99 and you can get yours at Verizon or Google. Below are my pros and cons, Plus some addition thoughts that I forgot to mention in the video above.

Great design + Build quality
Easy to use controller

Only a handful of apps
Google cardboard apps wont work (Might be fixed later)
Headset can get warm and uncomfortable after about 10 minutes of use
360 video content ranges in video quality

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The Controller
The Daydream headset itself is a step up from the google cardboard but the real advancement is the bluetooth controller that it comes with. It feels just like a Wii remote and works great. I experience no lag when playing with it. Only a few apps take advantage of this controller. Google cardboard apps wont work with it which is such a shame. Hopefully this gets fixed in a future update. Universal controller support but be great!

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Final thoughts?
As I mentioned in my video review, Tech geeks will love playing around with this headset. New games and apps are added often so its worth checking out. The casual user may not like searching for new apps and playing around with settings but I been using it for experimental use. To be fair, most of the cons that I mentioned are software or smart phone problems. The headset gets warm after a couple of minutes but its not a deal breaker. All virtual reality headsets are best enjoyed with small breaks between every few minutes. Asus recently announced a new phone that has vapor cooling which would take care the warm uncomfortable feeling (Hopefully). In my video review I mentioned that the resolution is a bit low but after a week of using the daydream view I feel like my eyes adjusted and the quality seems better.