Me and Gizelle decided to check out this new pop-up shop that Google has in Manhattan to promote their new mini smart speaker. After waiting in line, You will get a random box with either 2 donuts or a Google home Mini. We saw a bunch of people walk out with speakers but we wasn’t so lucky. Least we had fun and enjoyed a donut together.

Was it a success?

The pop-up event was only for weekend but it was great to see Google pull off something so unique. At this moment I thought know how many people won a Google Home Mini or how many donuts was given away but I’m sure google will release those numbers soon. Its safe to say that those numbers are in the thousands! No word yet if this promotion increased sales of the Google Home smart speakers but it got people talking across all of social media and a ton of media coverage. Who knows if Google will do something like this again next year. I certainly hope they do.