Google Nexus 6P Live Case [UNBOXING]

The Nexus 6p has been out for a few months and google is making it a bit better with the Live Case. Its a bumper case specifically made for the Nexus 6P which features a custom photo by you. Use it to show off your family, pets, or anything that represents you. It took me a while to figure out what photo I wanted to use so I ended up using a photo of some street art I saw while in Brooklyn. I wanted something with detailed texture and it ended up better than I expected. Notice how the paint is chipping off the wall and it shows on the case. Now my phone is customized and protected. As a bonus feature, The case has a NFC chip in the back so the phone knows when the case is one. Pushing down on the center of the live case acts as a programmable shortcut button. Use it for whatever you want like opening up your favorite app or game.

The Google Live Case is only $35 which is a fair price for a case that can be customized to you as a person. Its available now on the Google online store but remember that it is only for the Nexus 6P, Sorry iPhone users.

#mylivecase Unboxing! #onlyfornexus Made for @Google

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