Today We are checking out 2 awesome dash cameras from Papago. The GoSafe 520 and GoSafe S30.

Do I need a dash camera?

HD cameras have become cheaper and smaller over the years, It makes sense to have a extra pair of eyes watching out for you on the road. Its not a luxury feature anymore, Its becoming a standard. Every day when you watch the news there is a story that features a dashcam being used as evidence.

Whats the difference between the GoSafe S30 and 520?

Both cameras have a built in G-Sensor which starts recording whenever their is motion detected. The GoSafe 520 records in ultra wide HD which is 30% more than 1080p (2560×1080). That extra resolution provides a better viewing angle for your video.

Whats in the box?

The GoSafe S30 includes a 8gb micro SD card, Suction mount, sticker mount, and a car charger.

Unboxing the GoSafe 530 dash cam from @papagoinc. Check out to read the full review.

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The GoSafe 520 comes with a suction mount car charger, and a mini USB cable. No micro SD card is included but I recommend getting a 64gb to hold all of the HD video.

Unboxing the GoSafe S20 dash cam from @papagoinc. Full review will be posted on Monday.

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How good is the camera?

The test footage below should be enough to show which camera records better. You be the judge.

Which one is better?

Both dash camera’s are great job at capturing footage whenever their is motion. The GoSafe 520 has a bigger screen and higher resolution, That is the one I been using the most. However, The 520 is smaller and more discreet. It records 1080p nicely at night or day and can be used with the GPS Antenna (sold separately) to track your exact location. Ultimately, You can’t go wrong with either of these cameras. They both cost under $200 and captures high quality video that will give you a piece of mind while on the road.