Sitting down for most of the day can create heath problems and maybe even slow down your productivity. I’ve heard this so many times and it can be a scary thought that working for hours sitting down is bad for my heath. With that said, I was pretty happy to get my hands on this all wood standing Desk from Thundesk.

The Setup

The setup was easy since the box came with 5 pieces and it self explanatory on how to put it together. No screw or anything like that was needed to put it together which was great if I ever need to put it away. The top and bottom shelves are adjustable to match your height. The upper shelves support a 24″ monitor up to 60lbs and the bottom desk can be used as a lap desk.

Quality/ Design

This desk is all wood which can be seen as a pro or a con depending on your perspective. The wood design is great for me cause it is strong enough to hold my equipment and designed to fit in almost any office’s style. As I mentioned in my video review, You could easily paint this desk if you wish or add a few screws to hold up some cables. The choice is yours on how you wish to us it.

Is it worth it?

Many people may not understand the need for a standing desk and its something they should try before judging on it. When I had a lot of coffee in the morning I can’t sit down and focus, This is why a standing desk is great for me. It wont replace my main desk any time soon but it has a place in my office and it helps me be productive and burn more calories at the same time. Right now this desk costs $150 on amazon and it might seem pricey but other desks like this one are more expensive for the same features. Its worth looking into.