Honeycomb Bluetooth Speaker [REVIEW]

This is the biggest and most powerful portable speaker I have reviewed so far! This is the Honeycomb Sound Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Its Honeycomb design is not just for looks, It helps deliver better sound performance. As soon as the music was on I felt deep bass travel from the table to the floor. Sound quality on this speaker gets a big thumbs up for focusing on clarity over super high volumes.

What sets this speaker a part from the rest other than the design is the multiple input options. Connecting via Bluetooth or the audio is the obvious choice but you can also play music from the Micro SD card slot. I already had music from over 10 years ago saved on a Micro SD and it worked like a charm. I immediately felt nostalgic cause I have not heard these songs in a long time and they are not on my phone. I like being able to leave a 4gb SD card in the speaker so that I always have music loaded up. No Wifi or smart phone needed.

There is also a USB port which can be used for charging your devices or music playback. Just like with the Micro SD cards, Its handy to just plug and play instead of taking the time to connect with Bluetooth or load up your favorite music streaming app. I have not tried it out with a hard drive but I imagine it would work fine. The Honeycomb speaker can charge with a Micro USB or the included AC adaptor. On the official product page it says the battery can last for 14 hours, I been using it for about 2 weeks now and only charged it twice. It is worth saying that this speaker is pretty big and heavy. Its slightly smaller than a boom box I had in the 90s. Point is, This is not something you would want to carry around daily. Its great for at home or at a office. Its only 4 pounds so taking it to a friends house or a trip to the park. The size is justifiable considering the amount of bass it can produce and that it can fully charge your phone.

The Honeycomb Speaker is on sale NOW for $129.99. It doesn’t come with a remote control or any flashy lights but it is powerful, portable, and convenient.