iBeamBlock Windows 10 Projector/Tablet

Aiptek did a demo of the iBleamBlock. Its a projector designed to be portable for productivity.

The big feature is the built in 5 inch table that runs a full version of Windows 10. No release date just yet but expect to see more in the near future.


  • Stackable Design for Performance Upgrades
  • Win10 PC Tablet for Business Usage
  • Projection of a 100” Display at 2.7 meter distance
  • 400 Lumens of Brightness, HD (1280×720) resolution
  • Crystal Clear in MS-Excel and Word Presentation

The „iBeamBlock“ is a modular projection system consisting of HD projector, Windows 10 tablet and battery. The single components are plugged together cordlessly like Lego bricks and hold together due to magnets and Pogo-Pins. If needed, the projector can also be used as standalone device. Content can be projected via end device like smartphones, notebooks & Co. which connected via HDMI cable or via the 4.5“ tablet with multi-touch IPS LCD display. This acts as control unit and has an internal memory of 2GB DDR / 32GB Flash. Furthermore, data can be imported via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or a USB interface. Particularly important for business usage, the iBeamBlock displays Excel, Word, Power Point and PDF documents crystal clear with a picture diagonal of up to 120“ and a resolution of 1280×720 pixels in in 16:9 aspect ratio. With a total weight of less than 1 kg and dimensions of only 125*95*90 mm (LxWxH), the compact system can be transported easily and is therefore the perfect solution for presentations on the customer’s site. The replaceable battery makes projections up to 2 hours possible without power source. Moreover, the projector convinces with 400 lumens of brightness, automatic Keystone correction, integrated speakers and RGB-LEDs with DLP technology.