Keep your belongings out of reach with the iKeyp, The world’s first smart storage device.

What makes it smart?

Unlike other lock boxes, The iKeyp has built in wifi and can connect to your smart device (iOS or Android). When someone enters an incorrect number you will get a notification on your phone. Having a safe is one thing but knowing that someone tried to get into your safe is another layer of security that was not available before.


The setup

Setup was fairly simple, It involved downloading the app, making a quick account and entering the serial number. You’ll need 4 AA batteries in order to use the keypad on iKeyp. Once registered, You’ll content iKeyp to your home Wifi via the app. Once that setup is complete you can open the lock with your smartphone. It takes a few seconds to happen but it works. If the battery dies you’ll need to use one of the backup keys in order to open iKeyp. There is an “expandable wing system” that allows you to securely place the iKeyp Pro inside of a drawer or anywhere you don’t want it to be move. The wings are adjusted from inside of the storage device so it will not be easy to move. The gif below should explain it.


Final thoughts

iKeyp is a fun and futuristic way to keep small items away from the wrong hands. I love the overall design of it and how strong it feels. It gives me a piece of mind that anything I put in there will be kept safe. The Sealed compartment helps control moisture so if you put something like medication, It will be fine inside. Personally, I will end up keeping things like bank cards, cash, inside of it. Its easy for me to recommend the iKeyp Pro since it is easy to use and will stay handy for many years. Since this storage device uses AA batteries, You can take it with you to your hotel to keep personal items safe. It is available now for $149.99. For businesses or large items, I would recommend waiting for the iKeyp XL which is coming soon.