With the help of some inexpensive hardware, Your iPhone and Android can give you a virtual reality experience that will either excite you or annoy you. For the past week I been trying out a bunch of VR apps for iPhone and Android. At this point I felt that Android has more apps available but the best apps can be found on both operating systems. Personally, I spend most of my time with VR checking out 360 videos on youtube. Watching video with a VR headset is most likely the best thing you can do with it at this point. There are not many games playable yet but in the future it will be interesting to see how VR transforms mobile gaming.

Lets talk about the VR headset I been using. The obvious pro is that Its a better looking headset than google cardboard. There is no assembly required other than adjusting the straps to your preference. The cusions around the eyes are another big plus over google cardboard. My iPhone fit perfectly into the headset but my Samsung Galaxy S5 kept turning off. The clamp that holds the phone in place was pushing the power button on my phone. There was no way around this problem so if you have a Android phones with wide buttons on the side this may not be the headset for you. Lets run down some of the other pros and cons.


  • More comfy than Google Cardboard
  • Affordable (Under $40)
  • No assembly required
  • Adjustable lens
  • Fits iPhones perfectly
  • Small enough to take on the go


  • Made for iPhone, Android phones don’t fit
  • No physical controls or buttons on headset
  • Plastic create heat for most phones

Overall I think the Immerse Virtual Headset does what you expect it should do for the price. Virtual Reality is still in its early stages and headsets like this are a glimpse of what is to come in the next few years.