Insta360 Air – Best 360 camera for Android?

I had my doubts about the Insta360 Air but it turned out to be a pretty awesome camera for $130 on Amazon.

All 360 cameras are different in their own right but most of them are wireless which means that it needs to be charged separately and you’ll need extra SD card. The Insta360 Air connects directly to your Android smartphone so that there is no need for pairing. You’ll need to download the free app but after that everything is plug and play. Recording video or taking 360 video is all done with 1 tap. Exporting your media and sharing it to social media is fairly easy. Just keep in mind that Facebook, Youtube, Flickr and Dailymotion are the some of the sites that support 360 media sharing. The camera itself is smaller than a GoPro which makes it is to throw in your pocket.

What about live streaming?
Live streaming in 360 works OK for the more part. The quality is lower which is expected but for personal use I imagine that most people wont mind. I will have

What about iPhone?
Obviously this camera does not work on iPhone since it has a USB-C connector BUT it does work on PC and Mac. I will try that out in the very near future. Insta360 has a iPhone verison called the NANO but it is more expensive and has a slightly lower video quality.

Is it worth it?
YES! As of this moment it costs $130 on amazon which is cheaper than other cameras and it works with most of Android phone that has at least 3gb of ram. There is a 8K model coming soon from Insta360 but that is aimed towards professionals, The Insta360 Air is the best 360 solution for casual use.

What about the NEW Gear 360?
I don’t have my hands on the new gear 360 but I can tell that quality is better but it will be more expensive. It will be interesting to see how these 2 cameras stack up against each other.