Looking for a budget friendly controller for your smart phone or tablet? This bluetooth controller is less than $30 now on Amazon but is it worth going with a unfamiliar brand?

iPEGA has this unique controller that can extend to fit multiple devices. I love the idea of having 1 controller that I can use with my smart phones and tablets but each device fits differently. Most of my phones have a 5in screen, Its too small for this controller. The along sticks are noticeably higher than the actual screen and it makes playing FPS games feel award. My iPad 2 fits but iOS support on this controller is limited. I had this controller for a few months and it works best with my 7in Windows tablet, I use it mostly for simple PC games or emulators. Its safe to say that this is not the portable controller I was looking for. Android users are better off using a PS3 or PS4 controller. Below is my video review of the iPEGA PG-9023 Telescopic Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad.