Better late than never, Here is my iPhone 7 review.

How does the it hold up against the other top smart phones? Verizon was awesome enough to let me test drive the iPhone 7 for a review. You might have heard that they have a new unlimited plan and that they have been rated Verizon the #1 network in New York by RootMetrics! Over the past few months I can say that the network held up to its promise.

New features
Hardware wise, It seems like the biggest feature of the iPhone 7 is the removal of the headphone jack. Music lovers are not too happy about it but its not the end of the world. When I am traveling, I prefer to use wireless earphones so that I don’t look silly struggling with wires. At least Apple did the right thing with providing the adapter and a pair of earphones with the lighting connector. It might be annoying at first but I think we will learn to deal with it. Another reason not to miss the headphone jack is that the built in speakers are much better. Just don’t be that person who plays music on the subway or bus for everyone to hear. Lastly, The taptic engine is a note worthy new feature exclusive to the iPhone 7 which provides a nice little rumble in certain apps and games. Its a very nice touch and I wish more apps took advantage of it. It didn’t make a big difference, Its just a nice little bonus.

How much more thin can they make the iPhone? I was most impressed with how Apple managed to make this device super thin and powerful.

It is getting harder for me to tell which smart phone has the better camera. I love the advanced features in the galaxy S7 and the Google Pixel’s camera made be feel like a pro photographer (which i’m not). Both cameras in the iPhone 7 are amazing but I noticed the biggest difference in the front camera. Selfie addicts are sure to love that. Below are some unedited photos I took with the device.

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Is it right for you?
As I said in my video review, The iPhone is at its best when you live in the Apple ecosystem. It’s no secret that Apple products don’t play well with other gadgets. For example, Airdrop is a feature that allows you to share files to your computer wirelessly but this only works on Macbooks. Overal, The iPhone 7 is one of the best phones out there but there is no real reason to switch from Android unless you plan on getting the Apple TV or Apple Watch.