Lifestyle gadgets @ CE Week NY 2017

Below are some of my personal picks for the top lifestyle gadgets I saw at CE Week 2017.

RemFit smart pillow

We spend a large part of our lives on pillows so it makes that some tech company would improve it. The ZEEQ smart pillow has built in speakers to stream music without disturbing your partner in bed. I was did not spend much time at the Rem-Fit booth so I was unable to try out this feature but it sounds like a great feature. There is also a built in Sleep Tracker and Smart Alarm that connects to your smart phone. It also works with the Amazon Echo.

EDGE PULSE from Cleer

There was so many headphones at CE Week, It was hard to pick which one was my favorite. However, I ended up picking the because of the audio quality and the heart-rate monitoring sports headphones functionality. Its also shockproof and IPX5 water-resistant. The EDGE PULSE will release in September.


This portable Bluetooth speaker from CLEER won a best in show award during CE WEEK NY. This speaker stands out above the rest because of always-on voice control powered by Amazon Alexa. Unlike the Amazon ECHO or Google Home, You can’t take it with you on the go and its not water resistant. The built-in lithium-ion battery can provide up to 15-hours playback. It comes in Red or Sliver.

Energysole by MEGAComfort

Most of us already have smart watches that can track our steps and calories burned but Engerysole might be a better solution for runners. On top of tracking your fitness goals, Energysole adds a extra layer of comfort in your shoes. Unlike a Fitbit, Energysole measures your activity at the point of impact which should make it the most accurate way to track your steps.

Waytap by Fizzics

Moving on from fitness to beer….because why not? I finally got to sample beer from the Waytap. I tasted the difference right away. It wasn’t just the taste that improved, You can see that the beer has more form compared to a beer straight from the can. I ended up putting Fizzsics on this list simply cause the Waytap would make a great addition to anyone who serves beer. Also, You gotta admit that it looks pretty futuristic.