Max-Q design is the next level for gaming laptops

Max-Q from NVIDIA was my favorite announcement from Computex 2017.

In short, Max-Q is a new design for gaming laptops to be thin and have a GTX 1080 inside of it. Gaming laptops from a few years ago would get so hot that there was warnings about putting it on your lap which is kinda ironic. Expect to see a few Max-Q laptops in stores in time for the holiday season.

The first laptop with the Max-Q shown off is the ROG Zephyrus. Its lightweight and has a new type of cooling system that allows for better air flow from the bottom. During the keynote it was said that the ROG Zephyrus is 60% faster than the PlayStation 4 Pro and is Virtual Reality ready out of the box. This is all very excited and I can’t wait to see them in person!

Alienware just now tweeted out that they will have a new laptop with the Max-Q design as well.