MEEM can charge your phone and keep your photos safe

Here is my review of Meem Memory, This is the only cable that can charge and backup your data at the same time. We charge our phones at least once a day so it makes since to auto back up while your phone is just laying there. The entire process is very easy. I’ve been using it for a few weeks with my galaxy s7 and it got some attention when I used it around friends. The idea of keeping my photos on my charging cable is a bit weird but its effective.

How does Auto Backup work?

MEEM backs up your smart phone (or table) every time you plug it up to charge. You can select to back up your entire phone or just select file types. MEEM does not back up your apps or any system data. Just the important stuff like your media, contacts, calendar, and documents.

Using the MEEM App

I’m sure most of you are wondering what would happen if you take a MEEM cable and plug it into your friends phone. Will you be able to take their data? The answer is NO. The app is needed to backup and restore data from the MEEM’s storage. There is also a pin has a extra level of security. If someone found your MEEM cable they would not be able to access it from a PC.

Archive Mode

Using this feature allows me to keep certain files on the cable and off of my phone. Think of it like a USB Drive. This is perfect for saving space on my phone without uploading anything to a cloud site.

3 devices, 1 cable

MEEM can sync between 3 iOS or 3 Android devices. This is great if you have a tablet or if you want to backup your kids phone along with yours. The data is organized on the app so there is no confusion. Its important to note that there is a iPhone and Micro USB version. It will work on USB-C phones with an adaptor. If you have a new phone like a Galaxy S8 or Google Pixel than you’re gonna have to use the adaptor or wait until MEEM Memory launches a USB-C version.


Once your data is on the MEEM Cable, It can’t be accessed by another device unless you log in. Data will not get backed up unless you have the app and you’re signed in. Kelly Summer, CEO of MEEM said “We will never ask for your personal details or rights to your data, for any reason. Your private information is always under your physical control. No hacker abuse. No government intrusion. All in a very simple form factor.”.

Final thoughts!

Using this cable has changed the way I use cloud services. I still use Google Drive for uploading work and sharing files but now my personal data gets backed up on MEEM rather than online. After weeks of using MEEM, I can’t say anything bad about it. It would be great to see more options added to the app. As I said earlier, If your phone has a USB-C port than you’re gonna need to use an adaptor. Other than that, I would say this is must have for anyone who wants to free up space on their phone and keep their photos safe. Meme is available now for iOS and Android (Micro USB). It comes in 3 different sizes. 32gb, 64gb, & 128gb.