Meet Yumi, A home Robot with Android and Alexa

Yumi is a family home robot made by Omate and it is the first to be built on AI from the ground up with Amazon Alexa.Yumi can do everything the Amazon Alexa speaker can do but more. The touch screen on Yumi acts like a android tablet so all of your favorite apps can be installed and all of your google account information is loaded up when you sign in. It has a built in webcam, which can be used for video calling or home surveillance. It has a HDMI output port in the back so it can be used as a TV player which voice control. Most importantly, Its pretty cute! You’ll have to wait till next year to see Yumi in retail stores. Limited Editions Yumi will start from $349 for the Developer Edition on Indiegogo on November 15. (Estimated Delivery: March 2017). The price is expected to increase to $599 so Indiegogo might be your best bet to get one. I will update this blog post when new details are released.

“We have spent over a year from design to engineering in order to give birth to Yumi. It required deep Android software customization to combine high-end audio and state-of-the-art AI into its complex mechanical design. Yumi has been built on AI from the ground up, it is an incredibly smart and cute robot; a personal assistant, a music hub and a smart-home control point all in one.” said Laurent Le Pen, Founder & CEO at Omate.