MERGE is set to launch a new add-on that will bring a gaming experience to your smartphone. During CES 2018 The 6DoF Blaster was announced and it looks very promising. Your smartphone attaches to the blaster. From there you would access games made specifically for the MERGE 6DoF Blaster. You can move in 360 degrees and shoot all around you without a headset. Over the past few years, I have seen many controller add-ons for mobile but this one is the most promising. The headset will launch with several games included in the app and will be opened up to developers later on.

UPDATE: I got to play with the MERGE 6DoF Blaster at the New York Toy Fair. I was playing a game demo that was like Super Hot VR. I had to phycialy move around and duck to dodge attacks. Notice that the light flashes from your smartphone flashes everytime you pull the trigger. It’s about time someone made a unqie controller for smartphones that is different from anything else we have seen. Not even Nintendo has attapmeted to do something like this with their portable gaming consoles.

When can I play with the MERGE 6DoF Blaster?

Expect to see The 6DoF Blaster released late Summer. Pricing is set to be under $29.  Until then, Be sure to check out my video coverage of the MERGE Cube from CE Week 2017.

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