MGCOOL announced the Explorer 2, Its a 4K action camera that is a budget friendly alternative to the GoPro lineup. The Explorer 2 will have voice control and support for multiple languages. I use my Galaxy S7 for video record and I use to voice control often to save time hitting record and stop. Another note worthy features include a touch screen, iOS & Android app support, and of course 4K recording mode. No release date is set yet but more details will be reveled soon. Hopefully I can show you guys how this camera works in a upcoming youtube video. If you don’t need voice control, MCGOOL has other action cameras that can capture 4K such as the Explorer Elite.

You might not have heard of MGCOOL before cause small brand in China but they released a handful of cameras and gadgets within the past year. Another one of their cameras is the MGCOOL 360 Cam. It is a surprisingly good quality camera for under $200. Check out the video footage below as preview of the image quality. That camera is out now!