HD Gaming Projector for under $99?

In recent few years I noticed that personal projectors have become more cheaper but are they any good? I got my hands on one that costs under $99 on Amazon. It went above my expectations with inputs for almost any modern device. 2 HDMI ports, AV, VGA, 1 USB, 1 SD slot, and even a TV turner input. Setup was easy and straight to the point. I turned it on, Switched to USB input and started playing 1080p movies within seconds. The quality is surprisingly good. No lag, Audio delays, or pixelated video. You’ll need a dark room to enjoy the clear quality but other than that everything works great. Weirdly enough, There is no brand on the box. It just says ‘PROJECTOR’ but regardless of the unknown name, it still a great picture.


So far I ran into no issues other than the fan which is pretty loud but with speakers you should be able to ignore it. On the box it even says that the fan will get loud and the device will get warm which is normal. Most people will have this device on a self so it will be unnoticeable for the most part. The speakers on the bottom are ok but external speakers are better, or you can use headphones for a more private movie theater experience. There is no chrome cast or Bluetooth support but for the price you can’t complain much about that.

I’m sure many people are gonna ask if this projector is good for gaming. In my testing I noticed that text is a bit hard to read so RPGs or First Person Shooters are not the most idle. Racing and fighting games are the best choice.